Naturvetenskapligt didaktiskt nätverk 17 april 2024

17 april 2024 15:15 – 17:00 Lokal meddelas ungefär en vecka innan nätverksträffen till den mailadress du anger i anmälan.

Lärarare och demonstranter

RUC - Regionalt utvecklingscentrum välkomnar dig som lärare i naturvetenskapliga ämnen, skolledare, lärarutbildare och forskare inom naturvetenskapligt didaktiska områden till ännu en nätverksträff.

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Microbes rule! - bacteria in ecosystem health

The networking meeting is led by Jana Jass, professor of biology at Örebro University.Jana Jass

Microbes are essential to ecosystem health. They contribute to human, animal and environmental health and thus to global sustainability. The meeting will highlight some of the beneficial aspects of microbes, in particular bacteria, to counterbalance the better understood negative aspects of infectious diseases.

Microbes, make up a significant proportion of the biomass on the planet. Of these, bacteria form the largest and most diverse group and they are found essentially in all ecosystems. Despite this, they are often overlooked when discussing health benefits. Bacteria are primarily known to cause infectious diseases and due to our misuse of antibiotics, these infections have become untreatable due antibiotic resistance. However, the majority of the microorganisms have important and beneficial roles. They are critical in global sustainability through detoxification processes and they promote human and animal health. They also provide new sustainable solutions from many of their processes. Improved understanding of the benefits, further reinforce the importance of microbes to our own survival.

The network meeting consists of presentation and discussions in regionally mixed groups.


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