Rhetorical Education and the Democratic Mission of the School: Preparing Students for Academic and Civic Life

24 oktober 2017 08:00 — 26 oktober 2017 15:00 Hörsal F, Forumhuset, Örebro universitet

This conference will bring together researchers in education and rhetoric to explore how rhetorical education and pedagogy—inspired by the rhetorical tradition and modified and updated for the twenty-first century—can enhance language arts teaching in secondary education today. How can rhetoric revitalize the language arts? How can it enrich students' literacy experiences across the disciplines? How can it help them develop communicative agency and carry it into the public sphere—at work, at university, and in civic life? In addition to addressing these questions, researchers will discuss applications with teachers and teacher educators and identify further areas of research that hold promise for enhancing the democratic impact of secondary school.

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