How can you benefit from Open Access?

24 oktober 2017 12:15 – 13:00 Sal U1191 at the University Library

Frans Lettenström, Ph. D. in Elementary Particle Physics and coordinator of Open Science at Örebro University Library, lectures and answers your questions on open access.

Open science is not just open access to publications, but also to open data. How can data be made available for everyone? What obstacles are there for transparency, such as copyright, company secrets, patents and personal data? What open science infrastructures are useful to you?

The lecture is offered on two occasions:

  • Tuesday 24 October at 12.15-13.00 in hall U1191, Campus Örebro (max. 20 people)
  • Thursday 26 October at 12.15-13.00 in hall C2407, Campus USÖ (max. 24 people)

We offer a lunch sandwich and drink!

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