Lunchföreläsning om jämlikhet

16 januari 2018 12:15 – 13:00 Långhuset, L111

”Let’s talk about two topical, if neglected, issues: sexual harassment and ageism”

Portrait Jeff HearnJEFF HEARN, Senior Professor, Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Author of “Sex” at “Work” and Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Organisations.

Sexual harassment is now very much on public agendas, but this is not for the first time, and for some reason its extent and pervasiveness keeps on being forgotten. In this session, I will introduce a discussion on this topical, if neglected, issue along with another neglected issue that may not seem so topical, but should be, especially with the University’s push to develop research on ageing, namely the pervasive question of (double) ageism?

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