Offentliga föreläsningar: Quo Vadis, Europa? – a Politics of Fear and Hope

20 november 2018 18:30 – 20:00 Konsertsalen, Musikhögskolan

Ruth Wodak, hedersdoktor vid Örebro universitet och professor emerita i diskursanalys, Lancaster University.

Ruth Wodak

Ruth Wodak

Currently, we are experiencing the rise of right-wing populist/radical right parties, accompanied by a virulent (nativist) nationalism and related body and border politics, in most EU member states and beyond. Not only are borders being closed and walls constructed, to keep specific groups of people (refugees and immigrants) out; the programs also contain many elements of anachronistic and apocalyptic imaginaries of impending destruction, decadence and decay – should nothing be changed. Exclusive identities are being propagated, on national and EU levels, frequently associated with the traditional metaphor of "Fortress Europe".

In her lecture, Ruth Wodak discusses the politics of fear, as promoted by far-right parties; and then turns to a counter-discourse, the politics of hope, as a different imaginary of inclusive national and European identities, identities accommodating the emerging migrant and refugee societies. As a case in point, she compares two speculative speeches, by Emanuel Macron and Victor Orban, which symbolically manifest the two positions – of hope and fear.

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