MV Science Forum - Open seminar with Robert Brummer

08 september 2020 15:15 – 16:00 Hörsal C3, Campus USÖ, Örebro University or Zoom

Gut-brain axis and inflammation - the role of the intestinal barrier

Robert BrummerRobert Brummer is professor in gastroenterology and clinical nutrition at Örebro University, director of the Nutrition-Gut-Brian Interaction Research Centre (NGBI) and senior consultant in gastroenterology. His research interest is to elucidate the complex interactions between food, the gut and its ecosystem and the brain in order to improve health and wellbeing. Robert Brummer has been head of the Nutrition and Toxicology Institute Maastricht (NUTRIM), scientific director of Wageningen Centre for Food Science/TIFN, dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health at Örebro University and is currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor at this University with specific responsibility for innovation and leading its Food 6 Health Strategic Programme. Robert Brummer frequently performs reviews of large research programmes and institutes in Europe.

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