The AI@ORU seminar series: AI and Traffic Management

27 maj 2021 12:00 – 13:00 Online (Zoom)


Welcome to a lunch seminar where Professors Franziska Klügl (Örebro University) and Ana L. C. Bazzan (UFRGS, Brazil) will talk about AI and Traffic Management.

With the advent of autonomous driving, traffic management has become significantly more complex. Organising, guiding and controlling traffic – cars, pedestrians, cyclists and transport vehicles – is an important application area for Distributed AI and Multiagent Systems.

Franziska and Ana have contributed to this research field for more than 20 years and will address the following topics:

Why is traffic being viewed as a "Multiagent System", and what does that actually mean?
Intelligent Route Guidance and coordination of drivers' decisions.
Intelligent traffic lights and the challenge of creating a green wave.

Seminar programme

  • 12:00 Programme introduction: Amy Loutfi.
  • 12:05 Elements of AI for Traffic Management: Franziska Klügl and Ana L. C. Bazzan.
  • 12:20 Traffic information and route guidance: Franziska Klügl.
  • 12:30 Towards learning traffic lights: Ana L. C. Bazzan.
  • 12:40 Participant discussion and questions.
  • 13:00 End of seminar.

Moderator: Camilla Ulvmyr.