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Dinh-Cuong Hoang

Befattning: Forskare Organisation: Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik


Telefon: 019 301359

Rum: T1224

Dinh-Cuong Hoang

Om Dinh-Cuong Hoang

 Project title and summary in brief:

Object recognition in 3D models reconstructed from RGB-D sensor data.

The goal of object recognition and localization is to find the position and orientation of a set of objects of interest in 3-D space. This task still poses a significant challenge, because the target objects can be any forms, shapes, and have six degrees of freedom (DOF). In addition, the targets may be arranged in a challenging manner in the scene. Because there are many objects with same shape and appearance, it is not easy to recognize the right object and place targets at the defined position, even for a human. The main goals of this study are robust recognition and localization of a set of target objects, using RGB-D sensor data as input and evaluating the suitability of the detected poses to an automated picking system.