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Shoaib Bakhtyar

Tjänstetitel: Forskningsdataadministratör Organisation: Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper


Telefon: 019 301462

Rum: C2215

Shoaib Bakhtyar

Om Shoaib Bakhtyar

Shoaib Bakhtyar, as Research Data Administrator at the Schools of Medical Sciences and Health Sciences, is responsible to support management and handling of research data. Medical research projects often produce large volumes of data that need to be properly curated and stored in a technically efficient as well as legally compliant manner, for example regarding GDPR.

Shoaib is working with solutions for research data management at different levels. At a strategic level, he participates in meetings and collaborates with different stakeholders in order to implement and maintain technically efficient and legally compliant data management infrastructure. At the operational level, he provides support to researchers in properly following data management routines in their everyday work with regards to data handling in a GDPR compliant manner. Shoaib is actively working in cleaning and merging research data from different sources, data wrangling (converting from raw format into meaningful datasets), verifying the integrity of data (quality control), collaborating with the IT department (Örebro University) and with Örebro University Hospital on policies for handling medical research data. For larger medical research projects, Shoaib supports using a research database to enable sharing of research data amongst project partners, also for national or multi-national consortia.

Previous Education & Research

Shoaib holds a Masters, Licentiate, and PhD degree in Computer Science from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. During his PhD, Shoaib has worked as a researcher within different research projects in the domain of Intelligent Transportation Systems. His notable works include: designing of digital solutions for replacing paper waybills, application of data mining techniques on logistics data to uncover hidden patterns and generate knowledge about the freight under transport, research on sharing of information entities and functions amongst different Intelligent Transportation System services in freight transport, designing of a novel solution to detect freight damage and actor responsible for the damage during transportation, and modelling and simulation of digital waybill solutions in order to quantify their benefits when used in place of paper waybills.


Shoaib’s primary interests include:

  • Data digitalization,
  • Data analysis,
  • Data management,
  • Databases,
  • Python & R programming,
  • Data wrangling, and
  • Data science.