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Sofia Hort

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Sofia Hort



Om Sofia Hort

PhD-student in language studies connected to the research school in education and didactics (UVD).

The purpose of the dissertation is to try to capture and interpret teacher students’ academic writing activities. The study has as an overall view on language and more specifically writing as situated. In this case it gives that writing is studied in the context where it is actually taking place. Studies of the situatedness of writing becomes of greater importance as mobile technologies evolve and as composers usually are becoming mobile, in alignment with a hyper connected, moveable, accessible and information-rich culture. When writing becomes mobile with evolving technologies, the study of writing needs to become moving as well. The aspects of mobility not only become part of the theoretical foundations but also needs to influence the choices of methods to align it with these views.

The thesis focuses three main questions:

  • How can writing activities of students be captured, analysed and interpreted?
  • What aspects are made relevant by the students as important when writing academia and
  • How do students experience this activity?

To capture the participant perspective and the writing activities that is hidden from the researchers immediate grasp, mobile phones, here labelled Social Mobile Devices (SMDs) will be used as a part of the research methodology. The participants will document and report on their own writing activity as it actually happens and gather photos, drawings, audio recordings and notes in the moment of doing something with their academic texts. The aim of the study is to give both empirical but also methodological contribution to the field of academic literacy, putting emphasis on students experiences and handling of academic writing and how research can capture and make sense of these practices.


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Artiklar i tidskrifter


Hort, S. (2020). Skrivprocesser på högskolan: Text, plats och materialitet i uppsatsskrivandet. (Doctoral dissertation). Örebro: Örebro University.


Hort, S. (2015). Teacher students writing activity: throught the lens of a mobile phone. Konferensbidrag vid European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Budapest, Hungary, September 7-11, 2015.