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Information from Örebro University Library on the coronavirus

The libraries will continue to have limited opening hours.

Last updated on January 22, 2020, 08:30

Opening hours

Our libraries are primarily open so that users can borrow books and collect their reservations. The help desks are staffed during opening hours.

Make your visit as short as possible. Do not visit the library if you are ill or have symptoms of illness. If you do visit the library, please keep your distance from other users and staff.

Study places

The number of study places at the libraries has been halved to limit spread of the coronavirus. Please respect the notices on display and do not move around chairs or desks. The group study rooms cannot be booked during this period, but may be used during opening hours.

Returning library books

Please return your books to the drop boxes placed at the entrances of all libraries.

If you have trouble getting to the library to return your books, you can always ask someone else to drop them off. Otherwise, please contact us to find a solution.

Course reference books

During this period, you only need to return course reference books borrowed from the Main Library by 7:30 the following weekday. If you borrow a book on Friday, it only needs to be returned by 7:30 the following Monday.

Do you need assistance?

To reduce the risk of crowding at the libraries, please contact us primarily via telephone, email or chat. We promise a quick response. If you need assistance with information retrieval or academic writing, please visit the Lyktan Study Support Centre online or book a tutoring session.

Remember that you can use the information on our website to work on your own on information retrieval and academic writing. Our research guides and pages on search techniques include advice and support for information retrieval, while our guide to academic writing includes guidelines and tips for writing at university level. The University Library also has a YouTube channel with short films, mainly on academic writing in Swedish.

Reserving books: Staff

Employees of Örebro University and Region Örebro County can reserve library books and collect them upon receiving the confirmation email (books are always sent to Region Örebro County staff). Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service to students or the general public.

Staff members who live outside Örebro may request books to be sent to them.

Access to the library for the public

The library is primarily open to the university's students and staff. In general, you can borrow and reserve books, but during the period of restrictions, copiers and printers are intended only for university students and staff. Library staff will not be able to assist with printing and copying for anyone other than university students and staff.


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