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Searching the library's databases off campus

Student, researcher or member of staff at Örebro University

You can reach our databases off campus, by way of the list of databases on the library’s website. Log in with your ORU account.

Certain databases are not accessible off campus, for technical or contractual reasons.

Databases subscribed by the county council are only accessible when at the Medical Library. Only employees at Örebro County Council will be able to access the county council resources outside the library.

Employee at Örebro County Concil

Contact The Medical Library to get access to the databases at Örebro County Council off campus.

The databases and journals at Örebro University can be reached only through the Medical Library's computers if you are not an employee at Örebro University.

The public

As public, county council employee or student at another university, you can only reach the University Library databases from the computers at Örebro University.