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Data Management Plans - not just a requirement, but a helpful tool!

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How could a Data Management Plan help you in your research and which elements does it consist of. The University Library offer researchers and post-graduate students a short course in Data Management Plans.

During the last years Data Management Plans (DMP’s) have become a more common requirement in the grant applications from research funders and in some cases when the project has been granted funds. In Horizon 2020, a DMP pilot has been implemented which has been permanently been implemented in some areas as a mandatory requirement.

But, is the DMP only another required document in the grant application to please the funder? The short answer is no!

- The DMP should be seen as a tool rather than a requirement, to shed light on questions about management, preservation and how or if the data should be made available, which has to be discussed in the project any way! This gives a clear structure and a written document for the project and could be changed during the research data life cycle, Mattias Persson Open Science Coordinator.

A DMP should rather be seen as a important tool for the researcher throughout the research processes and should be created with the first research projects sketches are made up until the project end. The DMP will shed light on different important aspects of the research data considering legal, storage, documentation, management, preservation and sharing of it.

At the end of January, the University Library gives you a short course in Data Management Plans and their structure. The short course is held on three different occasions in January, where one take place at Campus USÖ and the other two at Campus Örebro:

  • January 22, 12:00-13:00, U1158, the Main Library, Campus Örebro - FULLY BOOKED!
  • January 30,  12:00-13:00, C2409, X-huset, Campus USÖ  - FULLY BOOKED!
  • January 31, 12:00-13:00, U1191, the Main Library, Campus Örebro

Application deadline is on January 25. We offer you a lunch sandwich. The course is given in English.