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Finance your OA fee via the University Library

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Have you had an article accepted for publication in an open access journal? If so, there is a possibility for you to have the publication fee paid by the University Library for the remainder of 2018.

The University Library has in consultation with University management decided to reserve part of the funds made available as a result of the terminated agreement with Elsevier, to enable payment of publication fees for the University’s researchers in open access journals (gold open access). The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate the transition to open access.

As laid out in the Government’s research bill of 2016, the goal is that there shall be immediate open access to all publicly funded scholarly publications from the time of publication until 2026.

Criteria for University Library funding of OA publishing:

  • The article must be published with so-called gold open access, that is, in an OA journal indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • The author must be corresponding author of the article and associated with Örebro University. Örebro University must appear as part of the affiliation in the article.
  • Funding for publication must not have been secured via a research funding body.
  • The article must be accepted for publication, with the invoice not yet paid.
  • The library only covers the cost of open access. Other costs associated with the publication will not be met.

What to do:

  • When you have had your article accepted for publication, or if you have already received an invoice, contact the library via email: This is an email address for further instructions.
  • The library processes the payment of the invoice together with the finance office.

If you have any questions, contact the University Library:

Claes Karlsson, E-resource Coordinator, This is an email address, tel: +46 19 30 37 56
Camilla Göthberg, Library Acquisitions and Scholarly Publishing Manager, This is an email address, tel: +46 19 30 30 19

When the funds reserved have been used up, this funding opportunity ceases. The funds are available as a result of the reduced costs caused by the terminated Elsevier agreement. If the parties come to an arrangement and a new agreement with the publishing company comes into force, this funding arrangement for publishing will cease.

Örebro, 26 September 2018

Marie Danielsen
Library Director