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Financial support for open access continues

Photo of a stack of journals in the background and the Open Access Logo

The financial support for open access publications, administered by the University Library from October 2018, continues in 2020.

The Vice-Chancellor has decided to allocate funds for financial support for open access (ORU 2020/00029-1). A number of adjustments have been made in the criteria that apply when applying for financial support. Current criteria, as well as an application form, are available on the University Library’s web site.

In comparison to the earlier criteria the following main changes have been made:

  • A maximum of 30 000 SEK per article or book chapter is granted.
  • Information has been added that authors, in cases where the publisher at submission requires that financing for an article processing charge has been secured, may apply for financial support at that stage. However, as funds are limited, there is no guarantee that funds will be available when the article is accepted.

The purpose of the financial support is to stimulate authors to publish open access. Further, the financial support is a complement to publisher agreements that increasingly offer authors the possibility to publish open access at no cost to the author or school. In these cases, the article processing charge is prepaid as part of the Library’s agreement with the publisher. In total, authors at Örebro University have the possibility to publish open access free of charge in more than 10 000 journals. From 2020, new agreements have been entered with publishers Elsevier, Wiley and SAGE. Please refer to the University Library’s web site for detailed information on agreements where the article processing charge is prepaid

The University Library is happy to present open science and the support offered in terms of publishing support. Contact This is an email address to schedule a presentation. If you have questions on financial support for open access, or publisher agreements, please contact This is an email address.