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How your research can become more accessible

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In a step towards open access and making the research published at Örebro University more visible, it is now possible through the My Profile pages at Inforum to see which of your publications that can be parallel published in DiVA.

Parallel publishing means that the article is saved in DiVA and made available for downloading from there. Many journals allow parallel publishing even though the articles are not freely available on the journal's website. By increasing accessibility in this way, the research can be more widely disseminated.

With the help of a tool, you can with a click of a button see which of the articles in your publication list that can be parallel published in DiVA. The tool also tells you which version of the article that can be made available in DiVA. The University Library's DiVA group assists with administrative support. Contact This is an email address to get the allowed version of the article posted.

As a further step towards making the research available, the university library will work actively to parallel publish full text versions of articles directly when registering entries in DiVA, whenever the journals allow this.