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New agreement with the publisher Elsevier

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Örebro University has recently signed a new agreement with Elsevier through the Bibsam Consortium. New agreements with Wiley and SAGE have also been negotiated. The agreements come into effect on January 1 2020. Publication charges are prepaid as part of the agreements, which increases the available options for the University‚Äôs authors to publish open access.

This means the Bibsam Consortium has now signed transformative agreements with the six largest scientific journal publishers. Örebro University participates in all.

Below is a brief description of the new agreements. Further information on each agreement is available on the library’s web page under Research support.


The agreement includes unlimited open access publishing in Elsevier’s hybrid and fully gold titles, fully gold Cell Press and fully gold The Lancet titles, and selected society journals.

Publishing charges in The Lancet hybrid titles and some society owned titles are excluded from the agreement.

Only articles submitted after January 1 2020 will be covered by the agreement.

Similar to the agreement that was terminated June 30 2018, reading rights to the Science Direct Freedom Collection (approximately 2,000 journals) and selected Lancet titles are included.

Starting during week 48 the publisher have enabled read access to the journals covered by the agreement. As soon as the reading access has been secured, the service Get It Now, that was implemented to mitigate the access loss following the cancelled agreement, will be disabled. 

Press release from the National Library of Sweden. 


The agreement will cover publication charges in the publisher’s pure open access journals and hybrid (subscription based) journals, and includes read access to some 1,500 journals on Wiley Online Library.


The agreement includes unlimited open access publishing in SAGE’s hybrid journals, and a 20 % discount on publication charges in pure open access journals. A small number of journals from learned societies are excluded from the discount. Read access to journals in SAGE Premier are included.

About the Bibsam Consortium

Since 1996 the National Library of Sweden negotiates license agreements for electronic information resources. This on behalf of the Swedish universities, university colleges, governmental agencies and research institutes. Further information is available at the National Library of Sweden's web site.

Further information

For further information, please contact Marie Danielsen, Library Director (This is an email address), or Claes Karlsson, Electronic Resources Librarian (This is an email address)