New chat look

Photo of two hands on a lap top keyboard.

From March, the Library chat appears as a bubble in your browser that follows along as you move between pages on our website.

In the autumn, the University Library started its own chat service to answer your questions quickly and easily. Since then, we have chatted over 1 500 times with users about everything from the Library’s Covid measures to individual books.

Now the chat has been upgraded to appear as a bubble. As soon as you’ve started chatting with the Library, your chat follows along as you move between the Library’s webpages. This makes it easier to keep the chat open as you follow the links or pages you received help with.

“The chat bubble will gradually appear on more on more of the pages on the Library’s website. If it does not appear, or if you want to get in touch outside of the chat’s opening hours, you can always contact us via our webpage,” says Märta Sjöblom, a member of the University Library’s chat service team.

The chat service is still being developed and adapted. We would therefore like to hear how you experienced the chat, both what worked well and what can still be improved. Share your thoughts anonymously via this form.