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A new and improved study environment at the library

Photo of the first floor at the Main Library

This year the Main Library has been redecorated and changed into a better and more creative place for you to study.

A Photo of Lyktan Study Support Centre

Lyktan - a queit study room that turned into Lyktan Study Support Centre

All student support at the library is now gathered in one place. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, please visit our silent and quiet study rooms on the second floor.

A photo of U1191 with two round table and chairs showing

Hall U1191

U1191 has been turned into an Active Learning Classroom - a room that promotes active participation, collaboration, and interactivity. The old furnitures have been replaced with round tables and shared whiteboards.

A photo of a group study room with four chairs and a table

Group study rooms

A few of the group study rooms are now bigger. We  have also made them better equipped with new furniture.

A photo of tables and chairs for individual studies

New places to study

The library is equipped with new and better furniture for both individual and group studies.