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Register for an ORCID identifier

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is an initiative that gives researchers the possibility to obtain a unique digital ID number. This ID number, called ORCID identifier, is listed in a researcher’s publications, applications and all other research activities.

Get an ORCID

The aim of the ORCID identifier is to solve the problem of author identification and simplify for those who want to examine a specific author’s total research output. The identifier solves the problem of authors having the same name, the same initials, name changes, or names having been misspelt in journals.

An ORCID identifier is required for research applications in the new application system PRISMA. (Read more about PRISMA under Grants Office pages on Inforum).

In DiVA, there is the possibility to register information about the ORCID identifier along with other personal data in the author field.

Note: ORCID creates a unique ID number every time you request one. Make sure not to request more than one identity. In order for the ORCID identifier to serve as a way of identifying your total output, you need to consistently use the same ID number.

You have the opportunity to connect your ORCID identifier to your ORU account. Once done, your ORCID identifier will appear on your personal profile page. Learn more and register on your personal page on Inforum.