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Springer Compact (2019-2021)

With Springer Compact, researchers at Örebro University are able to publish open access articles in more than 1,600 Springer journals without paying a publication fee.

Apart from reading access to more than 2,000 of Springer’s subscription journals, the agreement includes author publications fees. This allows researchers at Örebro University to publish their material open access in any of Springer’s 1,600 hybrid subscription journals at no extra cost. The copyright remains with the author under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).


Once the article has been accepted, Springer will send you a link to the platform MyPublication. There you will be asked to state your affiliation.

A document with author instructions is available.

The University Library will then be notified automatically to verify your eligibility.

Article types and journals covered

The following article types are included: Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications and Continuing Education. Publishing charges are covered in all of the publisher's hybrid journals. A list of the journals are available on the publisher's website (please refer to the list of "Open Choice eligible subscription-based journals")

Please note that additional costs (e.g. color figures, paid offprints and posters) are not covered by the agreement.

If you have any questions about the agreement or publishing process, please contact the University Library at This is an email address