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Research data

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Örebro University offers advice and support for researchers and postgraduate students at the university throughout the research data process. The advice and support of management, availability, storage, and preservation of the research data.

Different research fields use different terminology to describe the primary research material which is the foundation for analyses, results, and discussion of a research question. In this case research data refers to research materials in a digital form.

If you already have research data which you want to make available “openly” or just describe it for other researchers to find, this could be done through either Swedish National Data Service or another subject-specific data repository.

In those cases, a journal requires to make the research data available at publication this could be done at the Swedish National Data Service. This since the right to the research data will still be at responsible principal research organisation/entity than transferred to the publisher.

If you want to get advice and support considering management, availability, storage, and preservation of your research data contact the Open science coordinator. The coordinator will help you, as a researcher, with questions about the data management plan.

If your research group, department/institution or faculty know more about making research data available, or data management plans, send a query to the Open science coordinator for a lecture, short course or workshop.

For more information on research data, please contact:

Mattias Persson

Title: Open Science Coordinator School/office: University Library

Profile page: Mattias Persson


Phone: +46 19 303375

Room: U2126

Mattias Persson