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We provide academic writing support to students and researchers. At the Academic Writing Centre, we focus primarily on the structure and language of your text, but we also provide advice on citation and referencing.

Studying at university also involves producing academic writing. You will learn how new types of texts are structured and what type of language they should be written in. At the same time, you will practise including the knowledge of others into your arguments, writing discussions and conclusions, and providing correct references.

In other words, effective academic writing requires various skills, and it takes time to develop them. Ask the Academic Writing Centre for advice on

  • language, style and register
  • structure and flow
  • citation
  • referencing
  • graphic design

We help you to help yourself

We help you to see which aspects need to be further developed or revised in your texts and you are given tools so that you can continue working on your own. The Academic Writing Centre helps you to help yourself, and this is why we do not proofread your texts.

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Guide to academic writing

Use our guide for more information on specific aspects of academic writing.

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Book a tutorial session

Book an appointment with a writing tutor, for specific advice on how to work on the structure and language of your text.