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Academic Writing Centre

Drop-in hours

The Academic Writing Centre provides Örebro University students with free academic writing support. If you are a doctoral candidate, you can turn to the Academic Writing Centre with your thesis, or other texts that you write as part of your research.

Drop-in hours

Wednesday 3 pm to 4.30 pm

We give you advice on structure, style and flow, quoting and paraphrasing and referencing. We do not proof read, but we give you the tools to improve your text further. Visit us during our drop-in hours in The Red Room in The Main Library or book a tutoring session.

Distance students
If you are taking an Internet based course at Örebro University, you may receive advice through e-mail, Skype or Adobe Connect. Write to us at the Writing Centre, and we will tell you more.

Marie Tapper 019-30 36 65 
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