Lunchföreläsning om jämlikhet, tisdagen den 2 maj

Sam de Boise: Can gender inequalities be understood in relation to music? Kl.12.15–13.00 i Hörsal F, Forumhuset.

Woman are underrepresented in the most music professions globally. According to figures from 2015, women only made up 39% of music professionals in the UK.

Even in Sweden, based on figures compiled by Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare (KVAST), women's compositions made up only 4% of the total duration of music played at Swedish concert houses during 2014–15.

The question is how should gender inequalities be understood in relation to music? What are the main contributing factors and what can be done to change them?

Sam de Boise is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Music and Theatre at Örebro University. He joined Örebro after having previously worked in sociology departments at the Universities of Leeds and York. His current work is looking at gender inequalities in music participation and access in the UK and Sweden. He is also the author of Men, Masculinity, Music and Emotions (Palgrave Macmillan 2015).