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At our libraries

Respect quiet zones in our libraries. Remember to switch your mobiles and laptops to silent.

Library charter

The library is a work and meeting place for university students, staff and other visitors. To create the best possible environment for study and work, the following apply:

You can bring snacks, fruit, sweets and drinks into the library, but no food. Dispose of all litter in the bins.

It is not allowed to unplug library devices in order to access an outlet for personal use. Please use the tables with power outlets. For safety reasons, extension cords may not be used in the library. 

It is not allowed to make notes or underline in library books.

Library computers may only be used in accordance with SUNET's ethical rules.

Persons repeatedly violates the library rules can be banned from using the library under the Higher Education Act (SFS 1993:100) Chapter 10, section 1, paragraph 3. Banning decisions rest with the Library Director.