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Support for students

The University Library supports you throughout your studies with everything from finding scholarly articles in your discipline to formulating yourself appropriately when writing. We also offer support in information retrieval and study technique.

Information retrieval

Do you need help finding relevant material in your discipline? Do you have questions on scholarly texts? Our academic liaison librarians can assist you by demonstrating relevant information retrieval techniques, finding good search terms, choosing appropriate databases and assessing the scholarly level of a source.

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1. Research guides

Our research guides help you to find sources that are appropriate to your discipline.

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2. Drop-in

Shorter questions on information retrieval are answered at the Lyktan Study Support Centre.

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3. Book a tutoring session

When you need help with specific information retrieval questions.

Writing at university level

The Academic Writing Centre at the University Library answers questions on different aspects of your writing. Here you can receive guidance on correctness and register, structure and flow, citation techniques, referencing, layout, etc.

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1. Guide to academic writing

Our writing guide helps you every step of the writing process.

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2. Drop-in

Shorter academic writing questions are answered at the Lyktan Study Support Centre

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3. Book a tutoring session in writing

When you need help with specific academic writing questions.