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Borrowing rules / liability Örebro University Library

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a library card upon presentation of valid identification. For students, the university card is your library card. The library card is a personal document of value and only you yourself are allowed to use it. The library sends all messages via e-mail.


All loans must be registered in a lending machine or at the help desk. You are responsible for returning the book on time.

If your unpaid charges exceed the total sum of 100 SEK, your library account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to borrow, renew or request any items from the library.

If you change your postal address, you are obliged to update your details through Studentforum. If you are not a student, you change your details by contacting the library.

Loan periods and overdue fines

Course books: There is a 7-day loan period. The overdue charge is 10 SEK per book per day. The maximum loan period is 1 year.

Course reference books: There is a 1-day loan period. At the Main Library the books must be returned before closing time on the same day as they were borrowed. At the Medical library the books must be returned before closing time on the day after they were borrowed. The overdue charge for course reference books is 100 SEK per book per day. Course reference books may not be renewed or reserved.

Other items: There is a 21-day loan period. The overdue charge is 10 SEK per book per day. The maximum loan period for students and the general public is 1 year. The maximum loan period for teachers, researchers and other University staff members is 2 years.

Renewal: If there is no reservation on the borrowed books these loans are automatically renewed for another period when the current loan period expires. Renewal is only possible if the maximum loan period has not been reached, if your card has not been blocked for loans, or if your account has not expired. If an automatic renewal is not possible, a reminder is sent out via e-mail and the book must be returned. Please note that is an extra service. You yourself are always obligated to keep track of your return dates.

The cost of a not returned or damaged book: If the book has not been returned within 40 days of the due date or if it has been damaged, you are liable to pay a replacement fee. You will be invoiced the cost of replacing the book, as well as an administrative fee. For full details see the library's price list.

Loss of university/library card

Lost university cards are blocked at Studentforum. The loss of a library card is reported to the library.

Interlibrary loans

Students and staff at Örebro University and RÖL can request books and articles not held by the library on interlibrary loan from other libraries within or outside of Sweden. Items that are available in the library cannot be requested. The library will not fulfil interlibrary loan requests if the items requested are not ordered for study and/or research purposes. Students and staff request interlibrary loans via the library's website. Interlibrary loans from Swedish libraries and libraries in other Nordic countries are free of charge. For the order of articles and certain other materials, you are charged according to the price list. The loan period for interlibrary loans varies depending on the lending library’s lending rules. The loan period may be shortened. The replacement of lost interlibrary items is charged according to the lending library’s replacement pricelist. 

Distance students

There is a special loan service for distance students at Örebro University. The loan period for course books is extended with 6 further days in order to allow for postal services. This service is only available to students with a registered postal address outside Örebro.


The library is bound by the Public Access and Secrecy Act (2009:400) regarding all register information about individuals' loans, reservations and other kinds of orders.

Processing of personal data

To handle the loans made at the library, all borrowers need to leave some information to us. The information that is collected by us is name, email address, personal identity number, phone number and address. The data will also be used to invoice late fees.

The information is accessible by the library staff using a storage service available through the internet. In the case of late fees, collected data are also shared to Orebro University Finance Office. Collection agencies get access to the data in the event of non-payment of an invoice. The collected information will be deleted when the borrower is no longer active.

At any time, you may notify us at This is an email address that you no longer want to be a borrower at the library. Unless there are active loans or fees, your library account will be deleted.

The borrowing rules can be revised and you are responsible for keeping yourself informed of any changes. The latest version is available at the library website.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact the library.

Marie Danielsen, library director