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Borrowing rules/Terms and conditions of use at Örebro University Library

Through this agreement, users agree to comply with the rules below and consent to Örebro University Library processing their personal data.

These borrowing rules are subject to revision and users are obliged to keep informed of any changes. Revisions will be published on the University Library website where the latest version is available.


  • Library cards may be issued to anyone over the age of 18.
  • Örebro University students activate the library card feature on their university cards via the student portal Studenttjänster on the university website.
  • Library cards may be issued to members of staff at Örebro University and Region Örebro County, as well as to members of the general public, upon presentation of a valid photo ID.
  • The library card is a personal document. You are responsible for ensuring that it is not used by anyone but yourself.
  • The library sends all messages via email. The library does not undertake to send reminders of overdue loans.
  • The library must be notified of changes of address or lost library cards. For university cards, the university’s regulations on notifications of address changes and lost cards apply. Members of staff and the general public must notify the library.


  • All loans must be registered in a lending machine or at the help desk.
  • Users are responsible for returning books on time.
  • Users are obliged to keep themselves updated on the loan period of any borrowed books.
  • Users are not allowed to highlight any text or make notes in library books.

Loan periods, overdue fines and reservations

  • Course books: 7-day loan period. The overdue fine is SEK 10 per book/day. The maximum loan period is one year, provided the book has not been reserved by another user.
  • Course reference books: Day loan. The overdue fine is SEK 100 per book/day. Loans of course reference books cannot be renewed and course reference books cannot be reserved.
    Main Library: Course reference books must be returned before the library’s closing time, on the same day they were borrowed. Books may be left in the drop box outside the library entrance up to 30 minutes before closing time. During the last half hour, course reference books must be returned using the book return machine inside the library.
    Medical Library: Course reference books must be returned before closing time on the next weekday after they were borrowed.
    School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science Library: Course reference books must be returned when the library opens on the next weekday after they were borrowed.
    Course reference books must be returned to the library from where they were borrowed.
  • Other items: 21-day loan period. The overdue fine is SEK 10 per book/day. The maximum loan period for students and the general public is one year, provided the item has not been reserved by another user. The maximum loan period for members of staff is two years, provided the item has not been reserved by another user.
  • Renewals: If borrowed items have not been reserved, these loans are automatically renewed for another period when the current loan expires. If the maximum loan period has been reached, if your card has been blocked for loans, or if your account has expired, no automatic renewal takes place and an overdue fine is charged.
  • Books returned to the drop boxes outside the libraries will only be registered the following day.
  • Books on loan can be reserved, with the exception of course reference books. Members of staff at Örebro University and Region Örebro County can also reserve books that are not on loan.

Payment of overdue fines and lost books

  • If your overdue fines exceed SEK 100, your library card will we blocked and you will no longer be able to borrow, renew loans or request any interlibrary loans. Partial payment of overdue fines is not accepted. Payment may be made online via the University Library website, at one of the libraries, or via invoice. Contact the library for an invoice.
  • If a book has not been returned on time or has been damaged, you are liable to pay a replacement fee and will be invoiced a flat-rate sum. For full details, see the University Library website.
  • If the item on loan is returned after the invoice has been issued, the invoice will be cancelled but the overdue fine must be paid.

Interlibrary loans

  • Students and staff at Örebro University and Region Örebro County can request books and articles on interlibrary loan from other libraries or archives.
  • Only material requested for research or study purposes can be issued as interlibrary loans.
  • Items that are available at the University Library cannot be requested from other libraries.
  • Please see the University Library webpage for any fees charged.
  • The loan period for interlibrary loans varies depending on the lending library’s loan periods.

Distance students

There is a special loan service for students following a distance learning programme at Örebro University. The loan period is extended by a further 6 days in order to allow for postal services. This service is only available to students with a registered postal address outside Örebro municipality.

Using the library’s electronic resources

Special terms and conditions apply for using and accessing the University Library’s databases, electronic journals, books and other electronic material. You are obliged to follow the licensing terms and conditions for electronic resources. Information can be found on the University Library website. All electronic resources may only be printed and downloaded for personal, non-commercial study or research purposes.

Using computers

The use of library computers is covered by the university’s terms and conditions for computer use as well as by SUNET’s ethical regulations.

Rules of conduct

The University Library is a place of work for students, members of staff and other visitors. Rules of conduct can be found on the University Library website.

Denied library access

Anyone who repeatedly violates library rules or disrupts the activities on library premises may be denied access to the University Library. Students may be denied access under the provisions on suspension as laid out in the Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993:100), Chapter 10, Section 1, point 3. Decisions on suspension are made by the Disciplinary Committee at Örebro University.

Secrecy provisions

The University Library is bound by the secrecy provisions laid out in the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400), Chapter 40, Section 3, regarding all register information about individuals’ loans, reservations or other kinds of orders, and their use of information technology.

Processing of personal data

Personal data are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU regulation 2016/679). To manage library loans, all borrowers must submit certain data. The data collected by us are names, email addresses, personal identity numbers, phone numbers and addresses. This information is also used to invoice overdue fines and lost books. The information is accessible by library staff using an online storage service. In the case of overdue fines, collected data are also shared with Örebro University’s Finance Office and the payment service provider. Collection agencies are given access to the data in the event of non-payment of an invoice. Collected data are deleted when the user is no longer considered active. You have the right to know which of your personal data are stored, and to access such data or have personal data deleted in accordance with the information provided on the university website.


Approved by the library director to enter into force on 2022-06-07. ORU 2022/03225