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Lyktan Study Support Centre, drop-in

Photo of  study places in Lyktan at the Main Library.

The University Library offers support throughout your studies. Use our drop-in services when you have trouble searching different databases, finding scholarly publications or writing academic texts. Do not hesitate – get the help you need by visiting the Lyktan Study Support Centre drop-in. 

Opening times

Drop-in service Day and Time
Academic writing (Swedish) Tuesday 10:00–12:00
Wednesday 10:00–12:00
Thursday 12:00–14:00
Information retrieval and Zotero Tuesday 10:00–12:00
Wednesday 10:00–12:00
Thursday 12:00–14:00
Academic writing (English) Tuesday 10:00–12:00

The University Library’s website includes a guide to academic writing and research guides that may answer your questions. If you cannot find the answers there or still need help, please visit our drop-in sessions. See the information below on how these sessions work. 

We offer support in

Writing academic texts as part of your studies. Drop-in sessions focus on structure and language. You can also ask questions on the writing process, citations and referencing techniques.  

Using a relevant search strategy. Drop-in sessions focus on finding relevant subject terms, appropriate databases and searching effectively. We can also help you to assess the scholarly level of the publications you found. If you want to use Zotero, we can give an introduction to the software during the drop-in session.  

Online drop-in

Due to current circumstances, drop-in is offered online via Zoom. When you have clicked on a link, you first enter an online waiting room. The instructor will let you into the main tutoring room when it is your turn. Read the instructions below before clicking on the Zoom links.

In the waiting room you join an online queue until the instructor lets you into the tutoring room. You have to use your camera and microphone during the session.

While you are waiting, you can review the question you want to ask one more time. If you want to share material during the session, you can prepare by opening the document or files on your device. You should also check the waiting room chat, in case the instructor sends you a message while you are waiting.

If you write together with another student, tell the instructor and both of you will be let into the tutoring room together. Writing partners do not have to sit together physically or use the same computer, just visit the Zoom room at the same time and let us know.  

During the tutoring session, only you, your writing partner (if you have one), and the instructor are in the Zoom room. Nobody else can see your text or hear what you discuss. A drop-in session is just 15 mins long, so come prepared. 

At the start of the session, you tell the instructor what you need help with and then you receive tutoring based on your question. Both you and the instructor can share screens with each other. 

We help you to help yourself. This means that we try to answer your questions, show you how you can improve your text, search strategy, etc., and give you some tools to continue working on your own.  

After the tutoring session, you will have tools to continue working independently on your text, information retrieval or calculations. You can visit the drop-in sessions as many times as you need during your studies. 

Remember that the help you receive can be useful in the future, so try to implement the tools you received during the session so that you can help yourself or a fellow student next time.