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Doctoral theses and dissertations (in academia often shortened to diss.) are good sources of information within a specific research field as they often provide a topical description of the problem area and contain comprehensive lists of references to previous and related works.

There are two types of theses. A compilation thesis combines a number of the researcher's published research papers together with a comprehensive introductory summary referred to as kappa. A monograph thesis on the other hand is organised as a book with several different chapters.

Searching for theses

Searching for theses and dissertations from different universities in Sweden are most easily done in the LIBRIS database. When the results from a search are displayed, you can refine your search by selecting "theses" in the right-hand column. When applicable, LIBRIS also contains links to full-text versions of the resources searched for.

Theses from other countries can be found in WorldCat. Click "Books" and "Advanced Search". Limit the search results in the Content drop-down list by selecting "Thesis/dissertations".

Full-text theses