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Library services for students with disabilities

At Lyktan Study Support Centre you will find computers with programs and aids for students with disabilities.

If you want to use the programmes and equipment in this room, please contact FUNKA. Several programs are also installed on the computers in room U1181.

Programmes and equipment


Vital With this program you can hear a speech synthesis read the text that is visible on the screen.
ViTex This program is used to scan printed text and have it read by a speech synthesis.
Easy Converter With this program you can get text and documents printed in files converted to MP3 and DAISY. A speech synthesizer reads the text. The files can be saved on e.g. a USB flash drive.
AMIS Reading program for DAISY.
Easy Reader Reading program for DAISY.
Saida Word prediction program that suggests words while writing.
Wordfinder Swedish-English, English-Swedish and Swedish dictionary.
Stava Rex Corrects spelling errors and grammar errors in Swedish. The program is integrated into Microsoft Word.
SpellRight English version of Stava Rex.
SAOL Plus The Dictionary of the Swedish Academy.
Microsoft Magnifier Magnifier.
Clearview magnification camera This camera can be used for reading books, journals etc. Magnification is infinitely adjustable between 3 and 43 times.
VIG Keys Keyboards with very clear signs adapted for the visually impaired.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Rolf Brangstad

Title: Librarian School/office: University Library

Profile page: Rolf Brangstad


Phone: +46 19 303792

Room: U2152