Studying with disabilities

Special educational support can be offered to students experiencing barriers in their study situation due to a disability which is not temporary or passing in nature. Please contact disability support coordinators at the Funka unit, Student Services, for more information.

How to apply for support:

  1. Make your application for support. You will be redirected to another website (Nais).
  2. After making your application in Nais, you will receive an e-mail from a disability coordinator in which you will be requested to book an appointment.
  3. After your appointment with the coordinator, you will receive a notice from Nais with a decision and recommended adjustments. You will get a notification in your e-mail.

If you already got your decision, you are always welcome to book an appointment with us in our booking system. 

Sign-up for adapted in-class exams

1. First, sign-up in Studenttjänster examination sign-up. 

2. Second, sign-up for adapted examination with this form. In the form you will be asked to enter your name, personal ID number, email, examination date, course code and examination code. You can find this information in Studenttjänster exam sign-up. 

Please note that you both 1 and 2 above need to be done within the period for examination registrations. 

Questions? Contact This is an email address

Personnel at the Funka unit

Marie Nymans

Title: Disability Coordinator School/office: Student Services

Profile page: Marie Nymans


Phone: +46 19 301194

Room: L1212

Sara Tapper

Title: Disability Coordinator School/office: Student Services

Profile page: Sara Tapper


Phone: +46 19 301348

Room: L1213

Sara Tapper