Studying with disabilities

Special educational support can be offered to students experiencing barriers in their study situation due to a disability which is not temporary or passing in nature. Please contact disability support coordinators at the Funka unit, Student Services, for more information.

How to apply for support:

  1. Make your application för support. You will be redirected to another website (Nais).
  2. After making your applicaition in Nais, you will receive an e-mail from a disability coordinator in which you will be requested to book an appointment.
  3. After your appointment with the coordinator, you will receive a notice from Nais with a decision and recommended adjustments . You will get a notification in your email.

If you already got your decision, you are always welcome to book an appointment with us in our booking system. You can also come to our drop-in in the Read and write study (U1128) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00 - 12.00.

Sign-up for adapted in-class exams

1. First, sign-up in Studentforum examination sign-up. 

2. Second, sign-up for adapted examination with this form. In the form you will be asked to enter your name, personal ID number, email, examination date, course code and examination code. You can find this information in Studentforum exam sign-up. 

Please note that you both 1 and 2 above need to be done within the period for examination registrations. 

Questions? Contact This is an email address

Personnel at the Funka unit

Marie Nymans

Title: Disability Coordinator School/office: Student Services

Profile page: Marie Nymans


Phone: +46 19 301194

Room: L1214

Sara Tapper

Title: Disability Coordinator School/office: Student Services

Profile page: Sara Tapper


Phone: +46 19 301348

Room: L1214

Sara Tapper

What can you do by yourself?

  • Digital language support

The Funka unit staffs the Read and write study (Läs- och skrivstudion) Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00 - 12.00. You can get suggestions of apps and how to use spelling programs and text-to-speech programs. If you want, we can discuss your study techniques and how to improve them. 

  • Information to others

If you are okey with it, talk to course participants, teachers, study counsellor and course administrato. It is posssible that they have none or little experience of your disability and need more information to be able to discuss the best support for you. You are wolcome to submit questions to the Funka unit. We can help with information to others. The goal is for you to become as independent as possible in your study situation.

  • Recording lectures

As a student you can record the lectures, for example with your phone, for your own use. You are responsible for not sharing these recordings. When the course is completed, you are responsible for erasing the recordings.

  • Audio books

If you have a reading disability, you have the right to access required reading as audio book. You can download the books to your computer and/or phone. Please contact Rolf Brangstad, University Library, who will help you to get access.

  • Text-to-speech

As a student at Örebro University you can download TorTalk, a text-to-speech program to your computer. You will find information how to download the program under the tab Support.

More information about studying with disabilities

If you would like to know more about disabilities and the educational support att Örebro university, please go to More information about studying with disabilities. 

Tip from Funka unit

If you want to learn more about apps and programs, please go to webpage Tip from Funka unit.