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Ebook Central

Ebook Central has our largest collection of eBooks. All books can be read online in your web browser, but to download a complete book you need a personal account as well as a specific reading software.

Ebook Central provides access to a vast number of eBooks from different publishing houses and within a wide range of subject areas. Read more about downloading and printing further down on this webpage.

Creating a personal account

You do not need a personal account to read the book online, or to download single chapters.

However, you must create a personal account on Ebook Central in order to make and save notes, highlight text, and to add bookmarks. A personal account is also required to download a complete book, and to enable accessibility mode.

To crate an account on Ebook Central, click "Sign in" and "Create Account".

Getting started

If you need helt to get started there is both the platforms' own help pages, as well as their own training videos.

Off-campus access is only available for employees and students at Örebro University.

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About downloading

Downloaded books can be accessed for 7, 14 or 21 days. Most books can be downloaded, but there are exceptions.

Chapter downloads does not expire, but the number of chapters that you can download is limited. The limit is however reset every 24 hours.

eBooks can't be renewed. If you want to have access to an eBook for a longer time, you may download the title again when your loan has expired.

Note that any highlights, annotations etc. in a downloaded book will not be retained when the loan has expired. Further, a minor number of books may not be available for download due to publisher restrictions.

Download to computer

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. On Ebook Central, log in using your personal account.
  3. Find your book and select Download.
  4. Choose your device and follow the instructions. Open the downloaded file, with the file name extension .acsm, in Adobe Digital Editions.
  5. If this is the first time you download a book, you will be asked to authorize your computer in Adobe Digital Editions. If you are not planning to read the book on any other device, you may tick the box "I want to authorize my computer without an Adobe ID".

If you want to be able to transfer the book between devices you must also create an Adobe ID. Enter your Adobe ID in step 5 above, when asked to authorize your computer. Do not modify the eBook vendor showing by default ("Adobe ID").

Download to mobile phone or tablet

  1. Create an Adobe account.
  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions. Available on AppStore and Google Play.
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions. Look for the main menu, and the "Settings" tab. Choose "Authorize", and enter the Adobe ID you created in step 1. Authorization is needed in order for the app to successfully open the library's e-books.
  4. On Ebook Central, log in using your personal account.
  5. Find your book and select Download.
  6. Choose your device (iOS or Android) and follow the instructions. Open the downloaded file, with the file name extension .acsm, in Adobe Digital Editions.

Printing and copying

The conditions for printing and copying vary between books. In general, using the online reader, some 40% of the book can be printed, while 20% can be copied. The same limits apply to books that have been downloaded in full. The number of pages that you can print or copy in the online reader is however reset after 24 hours.

Accessibility mode is an option that can be enabled on Ebook Central. When enabled, Ebook Central's reading interface changes to a text-based view and you can use a screen reader to read the text on the screen, and to control navigation.

TorTalk is installed on the University's computers. As a student, you may download TorTalk to your personal computer. Information on downloading TorTalk can be found on Blackboard under the Support tab.

To enable Accessibility mode, first sign in on Ebook Central with your personal account. Next, click "Settings" and "Profile", and tick the box "Enable Accessibility Mode".

Note that the highlight function is not available when accessibility mode is enabled.