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Terms and guidelines regarding use of licensed electronic media

Örebro University library has concluded contracts with several publishers and distributors of electronic journals, electronic books and databases for the benefit of students and employees at Örebro University. The different agreements direct which rights you have as an individual user.

In most cases, the contracts are bought in centrally by the National Library of Sweden or one of the national resource libraries.

The terms of these contracts vary. Generally, none of the contracts allows commercial use of the material concerned. To read and print an article for personal use is usually permitted.

Interlibrary loans between two public libraries are permitted in most cases. The material must normally be printed and sent through the post.

However, in several cases is not permitted, by the library or anybody else, to send articles from archives licensed to the library directly to a private person.

Downloads of entire journals or databases are not permitted.

A general overview of the centrally bought in contracts is available on the National Library of Sweden webpage "Villkor och begrepp i avtalen" (in Swedish).

Do not forget to read the definitions stated at the top of the overview.

The overview also contains information on use of articles found in licensed resources in coursepacks.

If you have questions reagarding our agreements please contact Claes Karlsson.