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iThenticate is a text screening tool researchers can use to check for similarity and potential plagiarism. Uploaded manuscripts are compared against a comprehensive database. The result provides information about the degree of similarity between your work and previously published material.

The screening is performed against a database that covers, among other things, 97% of the 10,000 most cited journals and billions of webpages.

Be aware that iThenticate is essentially a text matching tool. The service’s similarity report will alert the user to content matches in the database, but iThenticate cannot make a verdict whether there is plagiarism or not. Highlighted text in the similarity report may include text that has been properly quoted and cited. Thus, you will need to verify that every highlighted section has been properly quoted, summarized or paraphrased.

iThenticate is used in connection with the publication of research papers. For student papers, Ouriginal is used. Please note that the AI writing detection is offered as a separate add-on, and it is not part of the current agreement.

The service is available for employees and researchers affiliated with Örebro University, but not for students. Authentication with an ORU account is required.

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The licensing model for the University’s account is based on a limited number of annual submissions (i.e. uploaded documents). Therefore, it is important to not upload more versions than necessary.

As a guideline, you should only upload a new version of a manuscript when you have made substantial changes to it.

Whenever possible, strive to use the filters in the interface to exclude or include certain blocks (e.g. abstracts, bibliography, etc.), instead of making changes to your document and then uploading a new version.

When collaborating with others on a manuscript, decide on who will upload the file to iThenticate. That person can then share the similarity report with others by clicking the download button in the interface and then selecting email.

Information on getting started, and help pages on the various steps in the screening process, are available in the User guide.

For information about and interpretation of the similarity report generated by iThenticate, please refer to the page "Overview of the Similarity Report".


You can exclude certain parts of your manuscript from the text matching process. What is appropriate depends on how the document is structured. Often, people choose to exclude the Abstract and Bibliography. You can make the exclusion in the similarity report itself, or under Settings when you're logged into the service.

Doc-to-Doc comparison

For comparing a document against a smaller number of selected documents, we advise using the Doc-to-Doc feature. This allows you to compare one primary document against a maximum of five comparison documents. The upload will be given a similarity score against the selected comparison documents.

Uploading a primary document to doc-to-doc comparison will deduct a single document submission from the limited organisational license cap. The comparison documents uploaded will not generate any further deduction.

Deleting uploaded manuscripts

When no further checks are required, there is an option to delete the uploaded material. We recommend doing so when you have completed the similarity check, and no additional checks of the same document are needed.

To permamently delete the material from iThenticate, first delete it from My Files and then access the Trash folder. Once deleted there, the submission is permanently deleted.

Users of the service should know that some of the provider's servers are outside the EU. However, the risk of personal data being transferred to a third country has been assessed as low.