Social Science Premium Collection

This collection provides access to databases covering international literature in social sciences, including politics, public policy, sociology, social work, criminology, linguistics, informatics, and education.

Social Science Premium Collection covers multiple sub-databases. These can be searched together in a common interface or separately. Contents of the sub-databases are specified below.

Off-campus access is only available for employees and students at Örebro University.

Type of content:
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Sub-database: Includes:
Criminology Collection Abstracts and references from NCJRS
Full-texts from Criminal Justice Database
Education Collection Abstracts and references from ERIC
Full-texts from Education Database
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) Abstracts and references
Library & Information Science Collection Library and Information Science Abstracts
Full-texts from Library Science Database
Linguistics Collection Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)
Full-texts from Linguistics Database 
Politics Collection PAIS Index
Policy File Index
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Full-texts from Political Science Database
Social Science Database Full-texts
Sociology Collection Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (ASSIA)
Sociological Abstracts
Full-texts from Sociology Database