Swedish House of Finance Data Center

Several smaller databases within finance, mainly with Nordic focus and several with historical data.

Swedish House of Finance is a research center at Stockholm School of Economics, who beside their own research also makes finance related data available.

Among the content of the databases there are historic stock price data (FinBas), companies listed at the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Historical Archives), Nordic ESG (Nordic Compass) as well as Swedish Patents (PAtLink).

How to log in for the databases

  1. Go to the database you want to use
  2. At the bottom of the page click ”Log in with SWAMID”.
  3. Find and pick “Örebro University”, then choose either ”Proceed to Login” or ”Login and use Forever”.
  4. Log in with your ORU account.
  5. The database page will now update with Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page, read and accept these to log in.

Available for students and employees at Örebro University.

Subject area: Economics
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