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With BrowZine you can monitor journals within your subject areas.

The service is available on its website and as a mobile app, and can be used to browse through subject areas and journals. In BrowZine you will find the journals that the University Library has access to via agreements or through open access. 

Go to the website or download the app, if prompted select “Örebro universitetsbibliotek” from the list of libraries. If using the app you will be asked to log in with your library account, use your ORU account.

You can now browse journals and read articles. If you want to save to your personal library or get notifications for new publications, you need to create a free BrowZine-account.

The brief user tutorial video further down this page contains everything from how to start use to how to export articles to a reference managing software like Zotero or Endnote.

Personal account and e-mail-notification.

Create this account by going to Settings in the app, or up to the right on the webpage, and under BrowZine Account click Login, and then Sign up.

With a personal BrowZine account you can save journals and articles to your personal collection, as well as set up an e-mail notification for every week (Mondays) or daily. Notifications are sent with articles which have been assigned to an issue, this specifically excludes "articles in press".

The e-mail from BrowZine might end up in your Junk mail. Mark the sender as safe to get the mail to the inbox in the future. If you want to unsubscribe to the updates you can do so from Settings in BrowZine.

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BrowZine user tutorial video