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Complete Anatomy

A platform app for anatomy in 3D. Specific activation is needed, please read the instructions that follows:

Complete Anatomy is available as app for computers and mobile devices, download and open the program to activate the account and to start using the service. Staff with an ORU-PC will have to download the program from Software Center (on VPN if you are off-campus).

The following instructions is for the first time you use the database. If you download the app to new devices you don't have to activate the account again, just log in with the e-mail and password you registered. 

Basic information on how Complete Anatomy works can be found on their own website ”Quickstart guide”.

Activate account each school year

Students need to activate their account each academic year (before the fall semester) with a new activation code. The new code will be in the instructions below, see step 4 and 5 below. The login details and all saved information will remain.

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  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Register a free account. The account must be registered with an email address based on your student account (ORU account), structured in the following way:

    For example, if your ORU account starts with the user name "abcxyz241", you will register the email address in this form:

  3. Select a password of your choice. 
  4. An e-mail will be sent out to the e-mail address you registered in Ladok. Verify the account from the e-mail that got sent out (check your trash bin)
  5. Log in using the email address you entered in step 2 (, and the password you chose.

    If you're connecten to the campus network Eduroam you are done!

  6. If you are off campus: go to your profile, My account. Under Redeem Code, enter this code: 494105806096
    (updated January -24)
  1. When you've downloaded and opened the app, register a free account. You must register with your ORU-mail (ending in, and a password of your choice. 
  2. Verify the account from the e-mail that got sent out (check your trash bin)
  3. Log in, and if you're on the campus network Eduroam or VPN you are done!

  4. If you are off campus: got to your profile, My account
  5. Under Redeem Code, use this code: RONPNN65DTJF