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Nobel Day Festivities

Logga för Nobel Day Festivities 2019

Every year, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded on the 10th of December, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death. The School of Medical Sciences and the School of Health Sciences at Örebro University traditionally honor this day by organizing research activities and festivities.

The ”Nobel Day Festivities” at Örebro University were established 2009 by researchers within Biomedicine, Department of Clinical Medicine (now School of Medical Sciences and School of Health Sciences).

The day includes scientific activities such as lectures, poster presentations and selected oral presentations by doctoral students, researchers at the beginning of their careers (up to one year after the dissertation) and specially invited students who are welcome with their abstracts. All poster presentations will be documented in Book of abstracts.

This year we are happy to meet you all in Hörsal C1, X house, Campus USÖ. The program will also be broadcasted via Zoom. For those who wants to follow the day digitally, please click the link below. We warmly welcome you to enjoy the research that will be presented at Nobel Day Festivities!

Abstract submission

Doctoral students, researchers at the beginning of the carreer (up to one year after disertation), and special invited students are welcome to participate actively on Nobel Day Festivities by submitting one or more abstract(s). Note! Abstract submission closed on the 20th of October.

Poster presentation

Accepted abstract(s) will participate with poster presentation(s). The posters will be presented digitally on the website, as well as printed in a poster exhibition in the hallway of the X house. Note! The posters should be saved in a PDF-format and preferably in a standing/portrait layout. You can use the template found in the template tool.

Research Communication in Medical Sciences, 1 credit

Doctoral students who participate in Nobel Day Festivities and want credits as a part of "Research Communication in Medical Sciences, 1 credit" are able to apply when filling in the form for registration of abstract. Note! If you already fulfilled this course, you are not able to apply again. Find the course syllabus here (Swedish), (English).

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Keynote speakers and doctoral students presentations

Book of abstracts

Book of abstracts 2022

Read the Book of Abstracts here

Nobel Day Festivities Committee: Simon Athlin, Karuna Dahlberg, Daniel Eklund, Ulrika Fernberg, Ina Johansson, Ashok Kumawat, Caroline Larsson, Tatiana Marques.

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