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Fault report

You may make a fault report for every aspect of the Campus environment and equipment such as buildings and external environment, indoor premises and equipment, IT, AV technology and printers/copying machines and so on.

Buildings and external environment

For example: air conditioning, buildings, doors, electricity, external environment, heating, lifts, sanitation, ventilation.

Call 112 in case of an ongoing fire, ongoing crime, gas leak, and where there has arisen or there is an immediate risk of injury/accident.

For issues that do not pose an immediate danger but cannot wait and should be addressed immediately, such as water leaks, gas leaks, power outages, and faults that may pose a risk of injury/accident (not urgent).
Office hours: 019-30 30 00 
Non-office hours: 019-300 800 (Securitas)

For other matters

See correct Campus below to register your complaint.

At Campus USÖ, the property owner Regionfastigheter provides 24-hour service. For all property-related issues, call the Service Center at 019-602 60 00 or send a fault report to

Phone 010-557 24 00 - Fault report Akademiska hus

Property manager Egeryds 019-18 18 19 (Urgent cases after office hours 019-26 40 50)  Fault report Egeryds Fastigheter

Indoor premises and equipment

For example: cleaning, curtains, fixtures and fittings, fluorescent tubes, furniture, household waste sorting, light bulbs, mail processing, recycling, signs.


For example: access and lock control systems, burglar alarms, fire protection.

Fault report - Security

Urgent matters

For example: external or internal doors that will not lock.
Office hours: 019-30 30 00 Out of office hours: 019-300 800 – Securitas

IT, AV technology and printers/copying machines

IT: for example; computers, e-mail, networks, and the university card.
AV technology: for example; image and audio technology, and control systems in the auditorium, the concert hall, and the halls with stationary AV technology. 
Printers/copying machines: Printers and copying machines at Campus.

Fault report IT - students

Fault report IT - for employee (Log in with your ORU account, VPN is required if you are not on Campus)

Report technical problems with the library's e-resources

For exemple: problems connecting to databases, broken links, fulltext articles that cannot be opened, problems viewing or downloading e-books, etc.


Here you may point out any problems relating to the physical environment – and make suggestions for improvement.