Fault report

From here you can do a fault report for every aspect of the Campus environment and equipment such as buildings and external environment, indoor premises and equipment, IT, AV technology and printers/copying machines and so on.

Buildings and external environment

For example: air conditioning, buildings, doors, electricity, external environment, heating, lifts, sanitation, ventilation.

Urgent matters

Examples of urgent matters are: gas leaks, power cuts, water leaks, and other faults where there is risk for damage/accidents. Office hours: phone: +46 (0)19-30 30 00 
Out of office hours: Securitas phone +46 (0)19-300 800

In other matters select Campus below to make your complaint.

Campus Örebro

  • Campus Örebro except Nova - phone +46 (0)19-19 23 60  - Fault report
  • Nova - phone +46 (0)19-676 22 44 (office time) +46 (0)10-222 29 67 (of office hour) - Fault report Nova

Campus USÖ

  • Landstingsfastigheter phone +46 (0)19-602 64 00.

Campus Grythyttan


Indoor premises and equipment

For example: cleaning, curtains, fixtures and fittings, fluorescent tubes, furniture, household waste sorting, light bulbs, mail processing, recycling, signs. 

Fault report - Indoor premises and equipment


For example: access and lock control systems, burglar alarms, fire protection.

Fault report - Security

Urgent matters

Examples of urgent matters are: external or internal doors that will not lock. Office hours: phone: +46 (0)19-30 30 00 Out of office hours: Securitas phone: +46 (0)19-300 800 

IT, AV technology and printers/copying machines

IT: for example; computers, e-mail, networks, and the university card.

Fault report - IT

AV technology: for example; image and audio technology, and control systems in the auditorium, the concert hall, and the halls with stationary AV technology. 

Fault report - AV technology

Printers/copying machines

Fault report - Printers/copying machines


Here you can point out any problems relating to the physical environment and give suggestions for improvement! 

Fault report - Accessibility