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Örebro University is a prominent broad-based university offering strong professional degree programmes and conducting research that spans no less than 36 subjects across all disciplines. The knowledge fostered at Örebro University is disseminated and benefits society. In the same way, ideas and needs from the world around us inform the university’s activities and development.

We have gathered leading-edge expertise within three areas: AI and robotics, Food and health, and Pollutants and society. Within these profile areas, researchers come together across disciplines to broaden perspectives within education, research, and collaboration, ultimately leading towards a knowledge-driven society. All this rests on a multidisciplinary platform designed to contribute to a sustainable future.

Although they do not capture the full range of our activities, these profile areas are key elements of who we are.

A plate with fruit and vegetables.

Food and health

Örebro University aims to gather research on what is really near and dear to us - food and health - and make sure that it benefits society.

A man and a robot.

AI and Robotics

Örebro University has strong research and study programme in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and offer AI training for working professionals.

AI-generated picture.

Pollutants and society

Pollutants and society is rooted in the fact that over 350,000 synthetic chemicals are currently in circulation – an ever-increasing number.

Collage of a bee on a flower with people in the background. The text across the picture reads Platform for a sustainable future at Örebro University.

Platform for a Sustainable Future

PSF@ORU, aims to contribute to an inclusive welfare society that is mindful of the limits of the earth’s ecosystems.

Strategic research profiles

The Knowledge Foundation’s Research Profile scheme is designed to provide universities with the opportunity to develop strategically important areas of research and create internationally competitive research centres – in collaboration with business sector partners. 

X-HiDE loggan

X-HiDE Research Centre

Inflammation contributes to many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers are taking on inflammation in a new way.

Federico points to technic.

Semantic Robots

What makes Semantic Robots unique, even from a global perspective, is its holistic approach to robot research.

Woman working in a lab.

Identify toxic pollutants

EnForce is a research effort aiming towards a non-toxic environment. It is a part of the research centre Man-Technology-Environment, MTM.