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School of Music, Theatre and Art

Welcome to the School of Music, Theatre and Art

Huvudbild MHS

The School of Music, Theatre and Art at Örebro University is a unique breeding ground for artistically and scientifically-oriented minds to learn more and develop their knowledge and skills. The department boasts some of the most renowned teaching and research staff in Sweden, high-spec studio and practice facilities and currently has the Swedish Radio Choir as artists in residence.

Here at Örebro, we mix a wide range of artistic expressions with practical, skills-based knowledge and research. Our Candidate (Music Production, Jazz and Rock, Chamber Music, Composition), Music Education and Theatre programs are among the best in Sweden, whilst our Music and Human Beings research group, explores the societal impact of music, delivering first-class international research.

The city of Örebro is famous for its thriving music and cultural scenes and the School of Music and Theatre is a big part of that. Örebro itself is home to the Swedish Chamber Orchestra and our students make up the sound techs, musicians, performers, actors and set designers, within and beyond the city itself.

Come take a look at our courses for international applications, learn more about our research and take a look at our facilities!

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Monica Tang, student

Meet our students!

Monica Tang is a pianist and classical music student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During spring 2021 she was an exchange student at The School of Music, Theatre and Art at Örebro university. She studied in the chamber music program majoring in piano. Read more about Monica and learn about her experiences as an exchange student.