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Getting to Örebro University

Örebro University’s Campus Örebro from above showing buildings, roads and the surrounding nature.

Campus Örebro.

This is Örebro University's travel guide to Campus Örebro. Here you will find everything you need to know, whether travelling by air, train, coach, or car – and what to do after arriving.

Örebro University has four campuses. You will find most of our students and staff at Campus Örebro (our main campus) and Campus USÖ (School of Medical Sciences), both located in the town of Örebro. Campus Grythyttan and Campus Karlskoga are our two regional campuses.

Curious about Örebro? See getting around Örebro below.

Although there are other possible airports in Sweden, we strongly recommend Stockholm Arlanda Airport as it is convenient to travel from the airport to Örebro.

Flying direct to Örebro

Currently, only Ryan Air has direct flights to Örebro from London Stansted.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

After arriving at Arlanda, you can conveniently take the train or a coach to Örebro. Travel time is approximately 2 hours by train and 3 hours by coach.

Tickets may be purchased in advance on the homepages below, directly at the airport, via ticket machines, information desks or apps. Note: payment is by credit card.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport website

SJ, travel by train

Flixbuss, express bus trav

Nettbuss, express bus travel

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located near Nyköping, 125 km southeast of Örebro. Currently, there are direct flights to 45 destinations all over Europe. Travel to Skavsta is accessible by car, airport coaches, train, and taxi. However, plan your transport from the airport to Örebro before booking your flight, as transportation from Skavsta Airport to Örebro is limited.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Copenhagen Airport

The international airport in Copenhagen (Kastrup, Denmark) is a potential option. Travelling by train from Copenhagen to Örebro takes under six hours. Buy tickets from vending machines in the airport arrival area and by the tracks. Use the DSB ticket office in the airport arrival area for personal assistance. You can pay in local currency (DKK) and Swedish kronor (SEK) or with international credit cards. Plan your transport from the airport to Örebro before booking your flight, as transportation to Örebro is limited.

Copenhagen Airport

Trains in Sweden

Several companies are operating the railway network in Sweden. The main train operator is SJ. Most trains can be booked via SJ’s webpage.

SJ, travel by train

Railway stations in Örebro

There are two railway stations in Örebro. Örebro Central is the main railway station. From Resecentrum, Örebro’s travel centre, you may take a taxi or catch a bus to Campus Örebro.

The other railway station is Örebro Södra, close to Conventum, Örebro’s main conference centre, congress hall and arena.

Although coaches travel from many European cities to Sweden, none go directly to Örebro. After arriving in Sweden, you must change to another coach or travel by train to continue to Örebro. Most coaches from Stockholm and Gothenburg arrive at or nearby Resecentrum, Örebro’s travel centre. From here, you may take a taxi or catch a bus to Campus Örebro.

Coaches to Sweden


Coaches within Sweden

Vy Bus4You

After arriving in Sweden, Örebro is easily accessible by car from major cities via the E18 and E20 motorways. For example, Stockholm is 200 km away, Gothenburg is 300 km, Oslo in Norway is 300 km, and Copenhagen in Denmark is 500 km from Örebro, although it will take a few hours.

Campus Örebro has approximately 1,500 parking spaces, the more central ones are subject to a fee, weekdays 8:00–18:00.

See map for parking spaces

Disability parking in Örebro

Örebro Municipality issues disability parking certificates. This certificate permits you to use the disability parking spaces near the entrances.

Parking offences

Aimo Park monitors our parking spaces. To avoid fines, park only in areas where parking is prohibited. Do not park on the grass, in parking spaces marked for service vehicles, church visitors, private spaces or reserved spaces for charging electric cars.

There are two railway stations in Örebro. We recommend getting off the train at Örebro Central, the main railway station. Coaches and buses from Stockholm and Gothenburg arrive at Resecentrum, Örebro’s travel centre. From here, you may take a taxi or catch a bus to Campus Örebro.

Taking a taxi

Several taxi companies are available at Resecentrum, and we recommend Örebro Läns Taxi, 019 124 300. Ask to go to the university’s main entrance at Långhuset. At the information desk, you may ask for further directions.

A taxi should cost around SEK 100–150, and payment is by credit card. If you arrive late at night, book a taxi beforehand. 

Taking the bus

From Resecentrum, there are three buses to Campus Örebro. Travel time is about 15 minutes.

  • Bus 2 Brickebacken – get off at the bus stop Universitetsplatsen.
  • Bus 3 Brickebacken – get off at the bus stop Universitetsplatsen.
  • Bus 9 Universitetet – get off at the bus stop Fakultetsgatan.

Remember: if you take bus 9 Universitetet, do not get off at Örebro University Hospital (Campus USÖ). Your bus stop is Fakultetsgatan (Örebro University).

You can see traffic information at or in the app Länstrafiken Örebro.

Buying bus tickets

Bus tickets may be purchased on board with a credit card or within the app Länstrafiken Örebro, but cash is not accepted on buses.

If you plan to make more than one trip, buying the local travel card, a top-up and pay-as-you-go bus pass, is easy and economical. Purchase your travel card at the Länstrafiken customer service office at Resecentrum or Pressbyrån at Resecentrum and Campus Örebro.

In Örebro, everything is close. The town pulse, campus life, and nature are just a ten-minute bike ride away. And for those wanting to explore more of Scandinavia, Örebro’s the perfect starting point. More than 70 per cent of all Swedes live within 300 kilometres of Örebro and reach Stockholm and Gothenburg. Even Oslo in Norway is just a few hours away by train.

Bicycle city Örebro

A bicycle is the best means of transport for getting around in Örebro. It is often faster than going by car, you get fresh air and contribute to better air quality and environment. The town’s biking paths connect the entire city and are kept snow and ice-free during winter.

Public transport

Several bus lines connect the university with the town centre – just 15 minutes by bus. Buy your ticket onboard using a credit card or an app – cash is not accepted.

Read more about bus services in Örebro.

Driving a car in Sweden

Like much of Europe, Sweden has right-hand traffic. If you are going to drive a car in Sweden, remember your driving license. Sweden is safety conscious – rules regarding alcohol and driving are stringent, everyone must wear seat belts in cars and on buses, and all vehicles must have daytime running headlights.

Read more about driving in Sweden.

Explore Scandinavia

Örebro is strategically located in the middle of Sweden’s demographic centre. Trains are an excellent means of transport to travel around Sweden and Scandinavia. It takes just under two hours to the capital, Stockholm and less than three hours to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city. Norwegian’s capital, Oslo, is about five hours away by train.

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