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Getting here

Örebro University's main campus is located in Örebro and this is where you find most of the students and staff. There are also regional campuses in Grythyttan and Karlskoga. On this web page we will guide you to the main campus in Örebro. Find your way around our campus with the online indoor map - MazeMap. See links below. You can also download MazeMap app to your mobil free of charge.

By air

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

If you arrive at Arlanda you can go by coach or train to Örebro. The travel time is approximately 2 hours by train and 3 hours by coach.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport website

SJ, travel by train

Flixbus, express bus travel

Please note that there are other possible airports in Sweden. We do however recommend Stockholm Arlanda Airport as they offer the most convenient alternatives when traveling to Örebro from the airport.

By train

Trains in Sweden

There are several companies operating the railway network in Sweden. The main train operator is SJ. Most trains can be booked via SJ's webpage.

SJ, travel by train

Railway stations in Örebro

There are two railway stations in Örebro; Örebro Central and Örebro Södra. The main railway station in Örebro is Örebro Central. In connection with Örebro Central is Resecentrum, the Travel Centre, from where you can catch a bus or a taxi to the University.

Örebro Södra is close to Conventum, a conference centre, congress hall and arena.

By coach

There are coaches from different cities in Europe to Sweden, but not directly to Örebro. You have to continue your travelling by another coach or by train to get here.

Coaches to Sweden

Coaches within Sweden

Trains within Sweden

By car

Once you have arrived in Sweden, Örebro is easily accessible by car from the E18/E20 motorways from major cities like Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg (300 km), Oslo, Norway (300 km) and Copenhagen, Denmark (500 km). 


There are approximately 1,500 parking spaces at the University. The more central ones are subject to a fee, weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Map of parking spaces (pdf)

Disability parking

If you have a certificate for disability parking (issued by Örebro Municipality) you may use the disability parking spaces near the entrances.

Parking offences

Our parking spaces are monitored by Q-Park. To avoid fines, do not park on the grass, in parking spaces for service vehicles or church visitors, private parking spaces and of course areas where parking is prohibited.

Getting to the University from Örebro town centre

There are two railway stations in Örebro and if you arrive by train, you should get off at the central railway station (Örebro Central). In connection with the central railway station is Resecentrum, the Travel Centre, from where you can catch a bus or a taxi to the University. This is also where the coaches or buses from Stockholm and Göteborg arrives. 

By taxi

A taxi should cost around 100-150 SEK. Ask to go to the University and to the main entrance of the building Långhuset where there is a bus stop. In Långhuset there is an information desk where you can ask for further directions.

By bus

From the Travel Centre, take a bus with the word Universitetet on the bus display. The bus ride to the University takes about 15 minutes.

You can see traffic information at

Paying for bus tickets

Cash is not accepted on buses in Örebro, so you can only buy a bus ticket with a debit or credit card.

If you are planning to make more than one trip it may be more economical to buy a rabattkort – a top-up bus pass for pay-as-you-go travel. You can purchase the card at the bus ticket office at the Travel Centre, alternatively at Pressbyrån, also at the Travel Centre. The card is not personal and more than one person can travel at the same time using the card providing they get on the bus at the same bus stop. There is no time limit on the card.