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Together. Endless possibilities.

Örebro University researcher at work.

Each day our students and researchers are asking the questions, exploring the ideas and contributing to the solutions that will shape the future.

Our future. As a university. As individuals and families, companies and organisations. As a society.

Every donation we receive, big and small, is an investment in that future. So support us. Make a gift and be a part of what we do.

Because together, the possibilities are endless.

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Areas to support

With over 36 research areas, 16 000 students and 85 programmes it can be difficult to know where and how your donation can be used for the best effect.

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Ways to donate

You can choose the way of making a donation that suits you best - read more about the most normal ways.

Professor Johan Schnürer, Vice-Chancellor Örebro University

A message from Johan, Vice-Chancellor Örebro University

"Help us contribute to an enlightened, enriching, and sustainable society grounded on knowledge and education"

Tim Stubbings

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Tim Stubbings