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About us

About the university

A modern broad-based university

Örebro University is a modern, broad-based university with internationally prominent research. 15,500 students and 1,300 staff study and work here. We offer some 80 degree programmes at the undergraduate and Master’s levels as well as some 600 separate courses.  Örebro University cooperates with industry and commerce, local and regional governments and other organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Örebro University in figures

  • 15,500 students
  • 400 doctoral students
  • 80 degree programmes
  • 600 single courses
  • 3 faculties
  • 8 schools
  • 1,300 staff
  • 510 teachers and researchers
  • 110 professors
  • 420 administrative, technical and library staff

Campus Örebro

Campus Örebro

Örebro University’s main campus is a concentrated campus area in a stimulating setting with teaching and research facilities that meet the needs of most disciplines. Here you will also find the University Library, cafés, restaurants, a gym, and student housing.

Campus USÖ

Campus USÖ

Directly adjacent to Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) is Örebro University Medical Campus. The medical campus houses the School of Medical Sciences, the Medical Library, as well as the Clinical Research Centre which provides the university hospital with resources and support for patient-oriented clinical research.

Campus Grythyttan

Campus Grythyttan

In Grythyttan, north of Örebro, is Örebro University's campus for teaching and research within culinary arts and hospitality science. Here you will find the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science and the Nordic House of Culinary Art complete with its gastronomic theatre, library, laboratories – including a food biology laboratory – and a studio for meal art. There is also a restaurant and a gym.

Campus Alfred Nobel

Campus Alfred Nobel

Campus Alfred Nobel in Karlskoga is located directly adjacent to Alfred Nobel Science Park. It hosts some of Örebro University School of Science and Technology's research activities. Among other things research is pursued into industrial 3D printing and 3D X-ray computed tomography.

Our history in brief

Örebro University has its roots in the higher education which was established in Örebro during the 1960s. In 1977, Örebro University College was established through a merger of the Uppsala University branch in Örebro, the Preschool Teaching Seminary, the College of Physical Education and Sport Science, and the College of Social Sciences. Örebro University was founded in 1999.

1963 The first permanent higher education programme in Örebro starts (a Master of Technology administered by the Royal Institute of Technology).

1966 The College of Physical Education and Sport Science is founded.

1967 Örebro becomes a university branch of Uppsala University. The College of Social Sciences in Örebro is established.

1970 The first building is built on what is today the main campus area.

1977 Örebro University College is established through a merger of the Uppsala University branch, the Preschool Teaching Seminary, the College of Physical Education and Sport Science, and the College of Social Sciences.

1978 The Institute of Music Education becomes a part of Örebro University College.

1993 An academic programme for chefs and waiters/waitresses starts in Grythyttan.

1993 The professor programme is launched (an agreement between Örebro University College and Uppsala University concerning the organisation of some ten professorships in the social sciences and humanities field).

1995 The College of Health Care Science, until then under regional-local government management, is incorporated into the university college organisation.

1999 Örebro University is established. Inauguration by Prime Minister Göran Persson on 6 February 1999.

2003 Örebro University Campus Alfred Nobel, Karlskoga is opened.

2010 Swedish National Agency for Higher Education grants Örebro University degree-awarding powers in medicine.

2014 Örebro University Medical Campus, Campus USÖ, is opened.

2015 Swedish Council for Higher Education grants Örebro University degree-awarding powers for the MSc in Engineering.