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Studenttjänster is the name of Örebro University’s student portal.

This can be found in Studenttjänster

Ladok Student

Here you sign up for exams, which is mandatory, see your results, register on courses, create transcripts and apply for a degree.


Blackboard, the University's digital learning environment. Here you will find your courses.


View your scanned examinations, search for written examinations, find practice exams and find out how to request a grade re-evaluation. 

Course Schedule

Here you can see your current schedule. You will find information when and where your examination takes place.

Course syllabus

The course syllabus describes aims and objectives and includes the reading list for the course. 

University Card

Activate your University Card and use it to borrow books and enter the University.

IT services

Here you will get quick access to free software, wireless network and copying.

Student information and messages

Keep your self updated on what is going on at the University!

Instruction movie for Ladok Student

Örebro University Websites

The student portal Studenttjänster is one of the university's official websites. On the page "About this website" you will find links to information on how we use cookies and javascript, how we manage personal data and how we comply with the requirements for web accessibility. On the page, you will find a link to the university's accessibility statement, which also covers Studenttjänster.
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