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School of Medical Sciences

Welcome to the School of Medical Sciences

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Campus USÖ

At the School of Medical Sciences, research and education is offered within a number of specialities.

Our medical research is primarily patient-oriented and encompasses studies of common diseases, focusing on everything from genetic and molecular aspects to pathophysiology, symptoms and treatment. The school is host to a number of strong research environments.

Since 2011, our offer has included a pioneering medical programme. We also offer international Master’s programmes in biomedicine in close collaboration with our active research teams. In addition, future researchers receive their training in a stimulating environment.


Programme in Medicine

We provide a broad knowledge base in medicine, well-grounded on medical science. Teaching has a problem-based learning and international exchange is offered through our partnership with the Medical School in Glasgow

Master’s programmes in biomedicine

Are you are looking to broaden your knowledge or specialising within the biomedicine/medicine field? Our international Master’s programmes may fit the bill. Teaching with close links to our strong research environments.

Academic celebration

Doctoral education

Continue your training with a PhD into causes of ill-health and disease, individuals’ opportunities to gain and maintain good health – or anything in between. Training is offered in research environments in close collaboration with other international researchers.