Conference on Food & Communication

13 September 2023 — 15 September 2023 Örebro University, Sweden

The theme for the 3rd conference on food and communication is: "Communicating 'good' foods".

Food is one of the key aspects through which we represent ourselves individually and as a community or society. As a powerful symbol, food conveys ideas and discourses linked to cultural, political, and commercial ideals, values, ​​and interests.

Given this central role of food in society, the aim of the theme is to present and discuss research relating to the mixed meanings of notions of 'good' food. These meanings are expressed in different contexts where different contemporary interests are realized and reproduced through a variety of communicative resources. What different meanings are attributed to ‘good’ food? How is ‘good’ food represented and which discourses can be discerned?

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